Stubben Athos 16.5" Wide with leathers and irons


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Stubben Athos 16.5" Wide 

The Stubben Athos is a close-contact general or all-purpose saddle designed for a mixture of jumping and flatwork, with moderately forward flaps and a close-contact feel. Ideal for training, lesson programs, hacking, and pleasure riding. This is an older model Stubben with printed leather in two-tone chestnut/havana brown and suede knee pads. There is some discoloration and signs of wear typical for a saddle of its age but the leather is pliable. 


  • Seat size: 16.5"
  • Tree fitting: Wide
  • Color: Two-tone chestnut/havana
  • Leather: Textured with suede knee pads
  • Panel Type: Flocked
  • Flap Length: 13.25"
  • Gullet Channel: FRONT 5.5"/ MIDDLE 2.5" / BACK 1.5"
  • Serial Number: 11346
HORSE FIT DESCRIPTIONThis saddle would fit a moderately wide, A shape wither without some hollowing behind the shoulders and is somewhat downhill built.

RIDER DESCRIPTION: This saddle is a great choice for the rider who prefers a moderately deep seat with a forward flap for flat or over fences work. Supportive front and rear blocks help with lower leg security. A great choice for cross country, hunter paces, or hacking! Jump tendency GP saddle.


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