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BRAND NEW Duett Companion trail saddle in durable two tone leather. The seat size is 17" and the flaps measure 15.25" from the bottom of the stirrup bar, and 27" forward- measured from mid cantle to the furthest forward point of the saddle. This saddle is a great choice for the rider who prefers a moderately deep seat with a forward flap for over fences work. Supportive front and rear blocks help with lower leg security. A great choice for trail or endurance riding! This saddle has wool flocked panels equipped with small rear gussets. The gullet channel measures 6.5" in the front and 2" in the middle and rear. The tree is a wide, measuring approximately 12" at the bottom of the tree points. This saddle would fit a wide, A shaped wither without wither definition and a somewhat downhill build. This Duett was manufactured in 2016 and is currently offered for sale at $1,595 OBO!

From Duett: The COMPANION is built on the RONDO tree. This is the BEST fitting saddle of ANY brand for your table-backed, low withered, round horses. Such as Morgans, Tennessee Walkers, draft and draft-crosses amongst many others. We’ve had tremendous success fitting this saddle to horses that have not been able to be ridden with any saddle because they couldn’t find the proper fit. This is your solution!These are the features of this fantastically comfortable saddle which make it ideal for both pleasure trail riding and endurance riding:

  • lightly quilted, soft seat is comfortable for unlimited hours
  • Wide panels distribute the rider’s weight over a large area removeable/moveable knee AND calf blocks give the utmost in flexibility to the rider remove the blocks for closest contact,  or  change the angle!
  • When you remove the blocks, there is a piece of shaped leather which you can attach to the velcro to keep it clean textured, durable, grained brown leather on the flaps gives added grip and stability to your leg long billets used with dressage girth keeps the rider’s leg comfortable lots of D rings and a crupper attachment

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  • RETURNS NOT ACCEPTED.  Please take the saddle for a trial because PURCHASED ITEMS ARE NOT RETURNABLE.
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  • MEASUREMENT DISCLAIMER: The fit of every saddle is unique. Even if the makers, models and sizes are the same between two saddles, the fit may be different. Adjustments and customizations may have been made or models may have changed over the years. In the case of hand-made saddles, no two saddler?s work is exactly alike. All measurements provided have either been taken directly from saddle stamps or are approximate measurements taken by DBS staff. This information is provided as a courtesy and is not a guarantee of size or fit.